To the semifinals!

11 Nov

Matches in Tbilisi are over. Debrecen was the strongest, taking the first place of the quartet, despite of the defeat from Ukhta in the last match. The second ticket to semifinals was taken by the MSU who took over the hosts from GTU in an incredible fight.

The Georgian tour was vivid and colorful. National dances before the final game, 3 000 fans, amoutions and real men fight - all still in our eyes. We are sure that everyone watching the livestream also enjoyed.

And now the semifinal round is waiting for its participants - teams from Tallinn, Riga, Kaunas, Kharkov, Moscow (MSU and MSAFC), Debrecen and Ekaterinburg.

The game will continue in 2016. Follow our web-site to get the further information.