MSAPE wants to win for the third time

25 Apr
The basketball team of the Moscow State Academy of Physical Education (MSAPE) has become a brand name. There is hardly any other university team in Russia that is more famous than it. Anatoliy Laptev, the head coach of the team, has spent several years to create a powerful system of players training. You can spend a lot of time reciting the victories of “physical education teachers” from Malakhovka, as Krajnov, Pecherskij and Starcev have lost only a small number of matches in several seasons.
The way to the final
The beginning of season 2015/16 of ISBL Cup was quite hard for MSAPE. The very first match of the tour in Tartu, Estonia, made Anatoliy Laptev try several schemes for attacking and defense. As a result, the last-second victory over the LLC International University from Klaipeda can fairly be called a true rescue. The second match against tough guys from the Estonian University of Life Sciences, Tartu, followed the similar scheme. The results were also known only in the very end.
However, at the semi-final in Kaunas the team looked quite naturally. You could see the high physical level of the Russian team players. So, losing the first-place match to Kaunas team was bitter, though not fatal. After the game the MSAPE captain Aleksandr Fomin said “Yes, we have lost to the Lithuanians. But we’ll win them in the final. Let’s see who laughs last”.
Of course, we need to remember that in Lithuania the team played without Stanislav Krajnov, its leader. But he’ll go to Riga, and this time he won’t be simply a fan.
Stanislav Krajnov: “We are getting ready for the “Final Four” in a usual way. Last week we won the Moscow Basketball Student League Championship, and the team had four days off after it. This week we have started to train deliberately for the ISBL. We pay special attention to the team defense”.