Travellers from Tallinn

21 Apr

The first Cup winner has not missed a season in the League. Not long before the current season started Rait Kabin became the head coach of the team, while Heino Lille, a famous Soviet time basketball player, who used to train the team for a long time, is now assisting the young coach.

The start of the season was very convincing. They defeated three teams in a row in Grodno (Belarus): the hosts from the GGU (Grodno State University) and teams from KPI (Kharkov Polytechnical Institute) and MGTU (Magnitogorsk State Technical University).

However, at the semifinals in Yekaterinburg the team has revealed its weak points to the rivals. Fast-moving centers from UrFU (Ural Federal University) could cope with Kristjan Kitsing and Toomas Raadik quite easily in the first half of the game, so the score difference was only four points. The end of the match would have been incredibly tense, were it not for the third quarter, which was really disastrous for the hosts.

Recent matches

On April, 22nd the team lost a match to Ulikool in the very end of the game: 83:86. Kristjan Kitsing, the MVP of the ISBL semifinal tour, with 21 points has become the top-performing member of the team.

On April, 15th the TTU students had an “exam” by basketball players from Tartu Rock – the team that stays the second in Estonia Championship. As a result the championship leaders won with a striking score difference of 103:58.

The Route

TTU players had to travel a lot this season. Of course, a bus trip from Tallinn to Grodno will not leave lots of memories with the Estonian students, however, a flight to Yekaterinburg (with a transfer in Moscow) and a long time spent at the customs will be remembered for a long time. Upon the whole this season the team has travelled over 3600 km and is the League leader according to this parameter.

TTU season stats at ISBL