The Final Four comes to Riga

05 Apr
The winner of the Cup in 2015/16 will be determined in Riga. 
Four teams that have already passed the qualification and semi-final stages: the University of Latvia (Latvia), the Lithuanian Sports University (Lithuania), Moscow State Academy of Physical Education (Russia) and Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia). 
For the first time the capital of Latvia welcomes the “Final Four”. Earlier the major prize of ISBL was fought for in Tallinn, Kazan and Moscow. The hosts from Tallinn University of Technology won the Cup of ISBL in the capital of Estonia, though later they were replaced on the victory podium by the reigning champions from the Moscow State Academy of Physical Education. 
Curiously enough, only one of these two teams will fight for the Champion title, as the coin toss joined them together for the semi-final. The other semi-final pair is made of teams from Kaunas and Riga. 
The winner of the Cup will also traditionally get tickets to the Final Four of the Euroleague in Berlin, as well as a chance to have an exhibition match with their German agemates.